“K Series” The Only True PANTOGRAPH liftOmer VEGA Parallelogram LiftKarLiftSolutions Moveable Wheel Engaging LiftsKarLiftSolutions In Ground Lift
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"K Series" The Only True PANTOGRAPH lift
Powder Coat or Plated Components
Electro-hydraulic pantograph lift with vertical raising, free of interference on the floor, ideal for the maintenance and lifting of Buses, trucks and vehicles of big capacity. Realized with a strong and compressed frame, the vehicle lift presents a runway of perfect stable synonym of functional safety and constant reliability.


The Best and Safer Solution to Lift a Heavy Vehicle Omer VEGA Parallelogram Lift
VEGA 120-180-240-340-450-520
The VEGA type lifts, at parallelogram lifting system, are electrohydraulic and suitable to lift any type of heavy duty vehicles with an even load distribution on to the ground. Capacities: from 12 to 52 tons and more on specific request. All lifts are available in the Above Ground and Flush Mount versions!


Ideal for use where 3-phase power is unavailable or cost prohibitive. KarLiftSolutions Wireless Mobile
Lifts are available in 16,000 lbs or 18,000 lbs capacity per column
A simple 110V connection recharges batteries overnight (charger included) One charge lasts all day, up to 45 full cycles at 50% capacity or up to 25 full cycles at 100% capacity Weighing only 1200 lbs per column with batteries, our wireless columns are lighter than other wireless designs! Easy to maneuver! Systems operate up to 8 columns from ANY column Programmable Columns Featuring: All, Group or Single column operation "Group Mode" allows user to operate columns in pairs, or ANY user defined groups of 2 or more. All KarLiftSolutions (KLS) Accessories are available with wireless systems KLS has the only wireless operated lift in the market with proven ball screw technology No fluid leaks or synchronization issues associated with hydraulic columns!


A Paradigm Shift in Lift Technology KarLiftSolutions In Ground Lift
HVD 214/190 - In Ground Lift
Medium Pressure Heavy-Duty Environmentally Safe In Ground Lifts. The two-ram-lift has become very popular because its performance is adequate for most utility vehicles. The position of one of the rams is electromotively moveable to ensure that vehicles with different wheel bases can be lifted.

Both rams have their own drive unit and can be driven synchronously or individually. The synchronisation of the rams remains unaffected by varying load distribution.

This lift is suitable for trucks, semi-trailer towing vehicles and standard buses with one front axle and up to three rear axles.