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Kar Lift Solutions has been the preferred choice for heavy duty in ground lifting solutions since its establishment. The technological innovation and creativity which the company incorporates in its equipment is well known. Kar Lift Solutions in ground lifts are available in both the conventional low pressure style or newer medium pressure design. These lifts can be installed using concrete vaults or low depth steel cassettes. With the Kar Lift Solutions medium pressure cassette design far less oil is required and it is completely contained with no external hoses or pipes. The technological and structural features of the lifts have made them one of the industries most environmental safe designs. Installations can be done in new buildings or existing facilities. Kar Lift also offers Retro Fitting for existing lifts where new components are introduced using much of the existing concrete structure.

The in ground hoists offered by Kar Lift Solutions are an excellent choice for repair facilities and garages which have a limited floor space and require frame contact lifting. This use of plunger hydraulics is considered highly efficient in carrying a substantial amount of weight. Kar lift offers both the full length plunger or double acting telescoping design. Each lifting ram has its own power unit mounted to the side of the cylinder under the surface of the ground. All designs are available with standard powder coat protection or hot dipped galvanizing of all below floor components. Kar Lift Solutions can provide the customer with greatly enhance service life by incorporating the latest in corrosion protection. 

Kar lift lifting plungers are manufactured in Germany using a drawn over mandrel process and then machined and polished. This results in extremely long bearing and seal life. Stabilizer bars inside the rams act as non-rotators and greatly strengthen the rams(s) when fully extended. The Kar lift control uses a PC board and sensors inside the oil reservoirs that maintain lifting level within 2”. The lifting rams power up and power down for a smooth controlled operation.

Kar lift in ground lifts are available with several enhanced productivity optional features such as: 15 wheel base presets, preset lifting height settings, recessed floor frames, ground positioning sensor, aluminum extruded shutter style retractable covers, and cassette fluid sensors.

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In Ground Lifts
HVZ/HVD-214/190-BT-RG - In Ground Lift

Medium Pressure Heavy-Duty Environmentally Safe In Ground Lifts. The two-ram-lift has become very popular because its performance is adequate for most utility vehicles. The position of one of the rams is electromotively moveable to ensure that vehicles with different wheel bases can be lifted. Both rams have their own drive unit and can be driven synchronously or individually. The synchronisation of the rams remains unaffected by varying load distribution.

This lift is suitable for trucks, semi-trailer towing vehicles and standard buses with one front axle and up to three rear axles.

Main Features:

  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Enhanced Operator Safety
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Lifting Capacity/ Lifting Piston 32,000 lbs. ( 14.5tons )
  • Configurations - 2, 3, or 4 pistons
  • Concrete Vault Containment or Steel cassette Boxes
  • Telescoping Rams (60"required) or Full Stroke Rams (93" required)
  • Suitable for low platform floor buses
  • For vehicles with diverse wheelbases
  • Exchangeable support system

Technical Data:

  • 75" rise
  • ram 8.4"/7.4"
  • Motor 3hp /ram
  • Speed 50"/min.
  • Drive motor 1HP
  • Speed 100"/min.
  • Power - 220/440/ 575 V
  • Hydraulic Locks - every 3"
  • Non Rotator - internal
  • Bearings - bronze teflon coated
2-Ram lift - HVZ 214/190

3-Ram lift - HVD 214/190

4-Ram lift - HVDV 214/190
Capacity 14 tons  32,000 lbs per ram Capacity 14 tons  32,000 lbs per ram Capacity 14 tons  32,000 lbs per ram
Maximum Lifting Weight of 64,000 lbs Maximum Lifting Weight of 96,000 lbs Maximum Lifting Weight of 128,000 lbs
1 fixed ram and 1 movable ram
2nd ram fixed
1st and 3rd ram movable
Optional all rams are movable
2nd and 4th ram fixed
1st and 3rd ram movable
Optional all rams are movable



Directly flanged pump unit – therefore no pipes with danger of pipe burst and no pipe maintenance. Electronically synchronous device for synchronous drive.

Control Panel

Optimal service and maintenance possibilities through direct access to the pump unit and the packings.

Control Panel

Exchangeable support system for
lifting of diverse vehicle types.