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Kar Lift Solution has been the preferred supplier of extremely sophisticated and productive lift equipment for all types of heavy duty lifting applications since their inception. Their patented pantograph style lifts are an extremely unique innovation designed for a wide variety of commercial applications. These lifts are engineered to meet the toughest heavy duty lifting requirements. Kar lift Solutions pantograph lifts lift more load, lift it higher and lift it quicker than any other platform lift. Each lift utilizes two sets of stacked scissors which lift vertically with no forward swing. An important advantage of these lifts is that they are extremely stable and consume less space. When used in most commercial repair facilities the result will be an increase in the productivity of workers with a better optimization of the service department layout.

The pantograph lifts are highly durable and require less maintenance. These lifts are put through rigorous loading and cycle tests at the factory for establishing the quality and safety under extreme conditions. When compared with other heavy duty scissor lift designs the Kar Lift has far lower operating costs. The KAR heavy duty pantograph scissor lifts are the most popular product sold by Kar Lift Solutions. Because of the rugged structural specifications they operate very effectively even when there is extreme offloading situations such as fire department tanker trucks or garbage disposal trucks. 

The inherent technological sophistication of the pantograph heavy duty scissor lifts make them extremely user friendly to operate. The addition of hot dip galvanizing and stainless steel components has made them extremely useful and productive equipment in harsh wash bay applications. The massive reinforced runways offered by Kar Lift Solutions heavy duty pantograph scissor lifts have great tensile strength and can carry weights of 100,000 lb. over runways 48’ with limited perceptible runway sag. The KAR lift provides the ultimate in safety, productivity and versatility.

“K Series” The Only True PANTOGRAPH lift

Pantograph Lifts – Kar Lift Solutions

Pantograph Lifts
Powder Coat or Plated Components

Electro-hydraulic pantograph lift with vertical raising, free of interference on the floor, ideal for the maintenance and lifting of Buses, trucks and vehicles of big capacity. Realized with a strong and compressed frame, the vehicle lift presents a runway of perfect stable synonym of functional safety and constant reliability.

Main Features:

  • Lift Capacity: 25.000 kg (KAR250) –35.000 Kg (KAR350)
  • Runway Length: from 7.000 mm up to 15.000 mm
  • Collapsed Height = 360 mm (KAR250) –390 mm (KAR350)
  • Maximum freedom of movement for the operator while working under the runway and in front of the lift because of the particular structure of the legs and of the lift design, as well as no base and no mechanical connection on the floor.
  • Maximum stability in any loading conditions because of a cylinder volumetric flow divider master/slave in the control unit (registered patent)
  • Embossed anti-slip finish on all platforms surface: maximum safety for all lifting/lowering operations
  • This particular lift structure allows perfect runways stability even with lift length of 15.000 mm
  • Available for Surface Mount or Flush Mount installation.

Available in Galvanized for Wash Bay Applications


  • Mechanical locks & Velocity Fuses on each lifting cylinder
  • Qty 5 max. overpressure valves
  • Photo sensors for runways levelling control
  • Acoustic warning and by-pass key when lift reaches 500 mm from collapsed position
  • Low voltage commands
  • Dead man control



Cylinder volumetric flow divider master/slave
in the control unit (registered patent)

Control Panel

ErgonomicUser Friendly Designed Control

Pantograph Lift

K Series Heavy Duty Lift in white