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Since its inception Kar Lift Solutions has constantly sought to offer the industries highest quality and most innovative lifting solutions. Our unique mobile column lifts are designed in Germany and assembled in the United States. The wireless 48 Volt DC powered mobile lift products offered have made it possible to carry out all lifting tasks completely untethered. In many cases Wireless Portable mobile lifts are the ideal solution which the company can offer where there is no 3 phase power or maximum portability is required. Kar Lift Solutions has incorporated sophisticated technologies in designing and developing these lifts providing people a number of advantages. When used with portable wheel stands these wireless lifts offer a convenient and quick access to the underneath of the truck or bus at 69” working height for performing any task including removing wheels. The wireless portable lifts are considered to be very user friendly as they can be carried to different locations to fulfill different purposes.

The wireless portable lifts and mobile column lifts offered by Kar Lift Solutions are a highly productive, flexible and low cost option for lifting heavy vehicles. Heavy duty lifting is made extremely easy and convenient by these lifts. They deliver great flexibility, safety and productivity to the users. The mobile column lifts provided by Kar Lift Solutions are engineered to meet or exceed all industry lifting requirements. They are available in capacities from 12,000 lbs. to 20,000 lbs. per column. Users can also experience many other benefits such as the light weight highly maneuverable design, recirculating ball technology with low maintenance costs, speedy operations, over 40 lifts before recharging, perfect synchronization and mechanical locking system. These lifts come in different configurations such as adjustable forks, extended length forks, extra wide carriages and three phase cabled versions.

Kar Lift Solutions is one stop shop for Portable wheel engaging lifts, moveable wheel engaging lifts and wireless mobile column lifts in North America. For further information call us 647-973-OMER (6637).

Ideal for use where 3-phase power is unavailable or cost prohibitive. KarLiftSolutions Wireless Mobile

Portable Lifts

Mobile Column Lifts
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A simple 110V connection recharges batteries overnight (charger included) One charge lasts all day, up to 45 full cycles at 50% capacity or up to 25 full cycles at 100% capacity Weighing only 1200 lbs per column with batteries, our wireless columns are lighter than other wireless designs! Easy to maneuver! Systems operate up to 8 columns from ANY column Programmable Columns Featuring: All, Group or Single column operation “Group Mode” allows user to operate columns in pairs, or ANY user defined groups of 2 or more. All KarLiftSolutions (KLS) Accessories are available with wireless systems KLS has the only wireless operated portable wheel engaging lifts in the market with proven ball screw technology No fluid leaks or synchronization issues associated with hydraulic columns!

Main Features:

  • Lifts are available in 16,000 lbs or 18,000 lbs capacity per column
  • Electronic Control Panel features unique “self-diagnostics” capabilities
  • Standard leveling control assures safe leveled lifting every time
  • Ball Screw design is not affected by changes in temperature likehydraulic lifts
  • Automatic frequency control (AFC)
  • Digital narrow-band channel filtering
  • Up to 10 different frequency channel setting are possible
  • Each column is powered by 12V heavy-duty, deep cycle batteries
  • 5 Year Warranty on recirculating ball screw drive
  • The only one piece SOLID H-Beam column in the industry, not welded nor fabricated

Technical Data:


16 B WRL

Capacity 16,000 lbs per column 18,000 lbs per column
Maximum Lifting Height 69” 69”
Length Lifting Fork 12.2” 20”
Width Lifting Fork 23.5” 27.5”
Raising/Lowering Time 165 sec 117 sec
Power Supply for Charger 110V  60HZ  Single Phase 110V  60HZ  Single Phase
Full Cycles at 100% capacity 25 strokes (complete up and down) 25 strokes (complete up and down)
Full Cycles at 50% capacity 45 strokes (complete up and down) 45 strokes (complete up and down)
Complete charging  cycle 8 hours 8 hours
Motor Power 2.0 hp 2.0 hp
Wheel Size 12R - 24.00 10.00 – 20.00
Weight per Column 1,200 lbs 1,230 lbs



The rechargeable battery power supply allows independent operation,regardless of any power supply in the building. This translates to flexibility in use and operation unrestricted by power constraints.

Control Panel

The KarLiftSolutions Wireless Mobile Column System operates with a low friction, surfaced hardened recirculation ball screw supported in a hanging bearing

Control Panel

PROVEN PERFORMANCE. The wedge locking system is the same as the safety lock design used on commercial elevators!