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Kar Lift Solutions offers the “original” parallelogram first designed in Italy by Omer spa over 30 years ago. These lifts are ideal for trucks, buses and specialized commercial vehicles. Over the past 25 years the parallelogram lifts offered by Kar Lift Solutions have gained wide popularity on North America owing to their sophisticated features and structural design. These parallelogram lifts have greatly helped technicians to lift heavy vehicles up to 50’ long. The parallelogram lift uses a massive Torsion Bar to maintain the coplanarity of the runways .The unique full frame base allows the lift to be installed on marginal floors and areas of seismic concerns. The heavy duty parallelogram lifts have up to a 100,000 lb. capacity which makes them the ideal choice for all fleet maintenance professionals.

The feature which distinguishes heavy duty parallelogram lifts from other lift designs is that these lifts have a forward cantilever lifting movement. This provides the technicians with the necessary side to side access between the lifting legs. Over the years the parallelogram lift has become the master in the industry for lifting heavy vehicles like buses, trucks and commercial loaders. The parallelogram is available with a tough baked on power coat or optional hot dipped galvanizing. The company makes sure that the quality and safety of these lifts meets or exceeds all industry standards. The parallelogram lift has an estimated service lift of 20 years or more and is both extremely user friendly and safe to use. 

The Best and Safer Solution to Lift a Heavy Vehicle Omer VEGA Parallelogram Lift

Parallelogram Lifts – Heavy Duty Lifts

Parallelogram Lifts
Vega 120-180-240-340-450-520
The VEGA type lifts, at parallelogram lifting system, are electrohydraulic and suitable to lift any type of heavy duty vehicles with an even load distribution on to the ground. Capacities: from 12 to 52 tons and more on specific request.

All lifts are available in the Above Ground and Flush Mount versions

Main Features:

  • Very Sturdy Structure.
  • Extremely Reliable – 20 Years Life Span
  • Surface Mount or In-Ground Installation.
  • Wash Bay Utilization.
  • Continuous Base or Open Floor.
  • Automatic Mechanical Safety Locks
  • No Obstruction under the vehicle between ranways
  • Quick Installation
  • No ground anchorage and easy relocation (standard)

Lifting Capacity:

  • 6.000 Kg – 9.000 Kg.
  • 12.000 Kg - 18.000 Kg.
  • 24.000 Kg. - 34.000 Kg.
  • 45.000 Kg. - 52.000 Kg.
  • 80.000 Kg. On Request


  • Standard/OF/NTB VEGA Version are available in: 120 - 180 - 240 -340 - 450 – 520 version (from 12.000 Kgs to 52.000 Kgs) – flush mount or above ground
  • Twin and Vertical Version are available in: 120 – 180 – 240 – 340 (from 12.000 Kgs to 34.000 Kgs) – flush mount or above ground
  • Standard Platforms VEGA
  • VEGA OF – Without Basement
  • VEGA NTB – Without Torsion Bar
  • VEGA TWIN: Standard version, OF version, Standard independent version, OF independent version


Instructions / User Manuals

Parallelogram Lift

Set of longer ramps for lowprofile vehicles (only for Above Ground version) also available.

Above Ground Parallelogram Lifts

Displaying above ground Parallelogram